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Policenauts has achieved a cult following since its initial release. However, the game has never been released outside Japan.

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The voice of Snake talks about Snake Eater, The Twin Snakes, Black Widow, X-Men, The Watchmen and George W. Bush...

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Through understanding the real people we can gain a better understanding of why the characters were created the way they are.

:: Feature: The Real Soviet Scientists

Metal Gear Series, 19th Anniversary!
Congratulations, Kojima Productions!
08 Jul 2006 | comments (0)

MGO Standalone, Updates!
Cheaters and glitchers, beware!
08 Jul 2006 | comments (0)

Enter The Warzone on July 31st!
MGS:TUS Version 3.0 launch date and logo revealed! Teaser inside :)
04 Jul 2006 | comments (0)

Kojima Productions Report, #??
Ryan and Ken are on hiatus this week.
30 Jun 2006 | comments (0)

"Kojima's Legacy" Article
IGN reflects on Hideo Kojima's legacy, while more notable titles are snatched.
30 Jun 2006 | comments (0)

FOX Chronicles, Pilot Episode!
A first glimpse at this new machinima series, brought to you by TUS!
26 Jun 2006 | comments (0)

1UP interviews our own JimSensei!
JimSensei discusses his bout against Kojima Productions. Videos included!
26 Jun 2006 | comments (0)

Kojima Productions Report, #023!
When can Europeans expect the release of MGS3: Subsistence? Read on to find out!
25 Jun 2006 | comments (0)

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