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About us

Metal Gear Solid: The Unofficial Site is not just a name or just a site; it’s more of a figurative vessel for the love of a group of people part of post modernistic digital art, carrying the simple and the most complicated ideas at the same time and name - Metal Gear Solid.

"Building the future and keeping the past alive is one and the same thing."
-- Hideo Kojima

This website is always stumbling to this thought and idea. Isn’t our past which we use to shape future, communicate with humans and make relations to build the future together? What will be point of our existence if the future does not know the past?

The Metal Gear games deserve to be passed on to the future. Remembered, loved, and relived by the future generations and the younger gamers.

"The 'I' is not just one person, but the sum of everything you love - your dog, your wife, your child, your computer, your doll. This led me to the conclusion that the self is empty. What is essential is this network of connections."
-- Mamoru Oshii

In this matter of speaking, we envision and hope Metal Gear Solid: The Unofficial Site to be loved by you and be part of your “self.”

Thank you for visiting and enjoy your stay!


The Unofficial Staff

Pavel Simeonov
Designer and Administrator
nickname: Otacon

Ramesh Yarlagadda
nickname: FinalFantasy7

Ryan Kincaid
nickname: Nitroid

John Sherman
Forum Administrator
nickname: Error1355


Your "Loyal to The End" Mod Team

Forum Moderator

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Pavel (Otacon): In my mind, Metal Gear Solid: The Unofficial Site was "Metal Gear Dojo" in the beginning. I had planned to buy the domain (inspired by Shenmue Dojo and FFOnline) and make the website only in Bulgarian. The original design and the concept didn't turn out as well as expected, so I gave up on that idea.

After I quit working on Planet MGS, I contacted Ramesh(finalfantasy7) as he was one of my favorite MGS fan and was a respected member on the IGN-MGS and GameFaqs-MGS boards, and we both discussed on making a Metal Gear Site. Putting together our ideas the first version of MGS: The Unofficial Site was created.

The website turned out as well as we expected since many people were anticipating MGS3: Snake Eater release and later on, we had some memorable achievements. We were the first site to confirm that Big Boss is indeed the main character in MGS3 and had the privilege of having the first internet review of MGS3 in the world. I also had the honor of promoting the PAL release of MGS3 and MGS: TUS in the Bulgarian’s most popular videogame TV show.

Now, with the version 2.0 of the site and the MGS4 confirmation, we hit up to 6000 unique visitors a day, but TUS would have never been the same without the MGS fans support. Thanks!

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