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Latest Update - 11/08 - "METAL GEAR SOLID HD Collection" now on sale in North America
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Happy 10th anniversary, MGS2

In other news, MGS2:TUS is now officially open to the public.

Also there's conflicting release date sources all over saying it was the 12th, 14th, and so on. As a nice balance, we're going with the 13th, celebrating ten years of Sons of Liberty.

MGS HD now available

The "METAL GEAR SOLID HD Collection" is now on sale nationwide across stores in North America. Whether you got the vanilla version or opted for the limited edition with the $30 artbook, go play it NOW.

Oh and we're just gonna put MGS2:TUS online for the 10th anniversary of Sons of Liberty and mess with content later. BUT FOR NOW GO GO GO PLAY PLAY PLAY

Yep not dead

Dude, MGS2. In HD. Also yes there hasn't been an update in over a year now, probably due to lack of interest / busy with other things.

But rest assured -- while no promises are being made, you should expect to see MGS2:TUS gettin' updated around the time of a certain 10-year anniversary for sure.

Photo gallery launched

We've got a decent set of images now -- with the addition of the photo gallery, content of the site is starting to take shape. Check it out, or view more about the gallery.

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