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About MGS2:TUS

What will I find here?
As MGS2:TUS is a site focused primarily on METAL GEAR SOLID 2, you will find general MGS2: SONS OF LIBERTY information, photos, character details, promotional items, soundtracks, basically everything that has to do with the 2nd installment of the MGS series (including SUBSTANCE and DOCUMENT). We leave the other installments like MGS3, AC!D, and PEACE WALKER to our affiliates.
Does MGS2:TUS cover RISING, PEACE WALKER, or other new titles?
The site's aim is not to cover the latest on Kojima Productions' newest or upcoming games, no. MGS2:TUS is shooting for complete coverage on everything MGS2. For other games in the MGS franchise or even non-METAL GEAR titles by Kojima Productions, we've got a couple affiliates you should check out.
Are there plans of a MGS1:TUS, MGS3:TUS, etc.? Can I affiliate?
For now, only MGS2 gets that special treatment. Operated by vets of the original MGS:TUS as well as KPN staff, MGS2:TUS was created as a sort of memorial for what we feel might be the most inspirational title in the Metal Gear franchise. As for affiliation, you can reach MGS2:TUS using the contact options available below.
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